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2022/1610 Aberfeldy Estate, Phase A, Land To The North Of East India Dock Road (a13), East Of The Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach Road (a12) And To The South West Of Abbot Road, London, Hybrid application seeking detailed planning permission for Phase A and outline planning permission for future phases, comprising: Outline planning permission (all matters reserved) for the demolition of all existing structures and redevelopment... London Borough of Tower Hamlets (N) Yes View
2022/1608 9 Forburg Road, Hackney, London, N16 6HP Rear garden T1 - Large Elder (8 metres high) partially covered in ivy. Overhangs and blocks sunlight to neighbours garden at No.11. Fell and treat stump to prevent regrowth. Replace with low growing shrub such as Hebe or Ceanothus Cazenove Ward No Not Available
2022/1599 9 Southgate Grove, Hackney, London, N1 5BP Large Cherry - Reduce the height and spread by 33% (approx. 1.8-2m height and 1.2-1.5m spread)  Thin throughout the crown by 10-15%  Reduce the branches growing towards the property to give a clearance of 2-2.5m  Remove or... De Beauvoir Ward No Not Available
2022/1591 140 Holmleigh Road, Hackney, London, N16 5PY Submission of details pursuant to condition 4 (drainage) attached to planning permission 2022/0840 dated 05/06/2022. Stamford Hill West Ward Yes View
2022/1585 Clays Court, 75 - 81 Stamford Hill, Hackney, London, N16 5TZ Submission of details pursuant to condition 3 (material details), condition 4 (external lighting), condition 5 (refuse and recycling), condition 6 (cycle parking), condition 7 (Construction Method Statement), condition 8 (soft landscaping) and... Stamford Hill West Ward Yes View
2022/1581 St John The Evangelist Church Gloucester Drive, Hackney, London, N4 2LW Tree number - T1 Tree type - Bay (Laurus nobilis) Approx Height - 6m Approx Crown Spread Diameter - 3.5m Location - see map Service - Crown Reduction Work required- Reduce and shape height by around 2m and trim remaining crown to best form... Brownswood Ward Yes View
2022/1284 Basement Flat, 50 Manse Road, Hackney, London, N16 7QD Erection of a single storey rear extension. Stoke Newington Ward Yes View